Family Practice

Did you wake up with a sore throat this morning, or did your child wake up with an earache?

You know if you call for an appointment to see the doctor it might be several days, or even next week before there will be an appointment available? Having to wait a few days or a week to schedule a routine appointment is understandable, but when you’re feeling sick from a bug or the flu…you want help right away. The folks at Washington County Family Practice understand this.

If you need to see a doctor for a cold, or a sore throat, or a stomach virus, you don’t want to spend all day in the waiting room. You want to pop in an exam room, let the doctor take a look at you, prescribe you a course of treatment and then send you on your way home and back to your comfy bed.

Give us a call at 552-9000, tell us your symptoms and we’ll work as hard as we can to get you in to see the doctor that very day.

This won’t be the time for a routine office visit to get a refill for your prescription, or a yearly physical, you’ll have to come back another day for that But we will get you in and out as soon as possible for the symptoms you’re experiencing that day.

Our clinic is open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. We are closed for lunch every day from 12pm to 1pm. New patients are being accepted. Washington County Family Practice is a part of Washington County Regional Medical Center.

Remember: YOUR health IS our Business