WCRMC Celebrates Hospital Week


National Hospital Week recognizes all individuals -- nurses, physicians, therapists, engineers, food service workers, receptionists, volunteers, administrators and so many more -- for their contributions each day. Annually held  during the 

A hospital is more than a place where people go to heal; it plays an important role in the community, fosters health and represents hope. This message is reflected in the 2017 National Hospital Week theme, “The Healing Heart of Healthcare.”

In addition to its fun, annual picnic, this year’s Hospital Week was extra special at WCRMC as the hospital unveiled a new logo. Through its affiliation with Augusta University, WCRMC worked with graphic designers to create a new brand identity that symbolized the change in culture expected by the citizens of Washington County. This updated and simplified look incorporated the same dark blue hue from the hospital's original logo and a new cross icon. The enhanced brand visual signals WCRMC's recommitment to sharing more about its people and services throughout the community.

To celebrate Hospital Week and the new logo, every employee and volunteer received a shirt that featured the upgraded logo alongside the theme for National Hospital Week.

The nation’s largest health care event, National Hospital Week dates back to 1921 when it was suggested by a magazine editor who hoped to create a community-wide celebration of hospitals. Launched in Chicago, it succeeded in promoting trust and goodwill among members of the public and eventually spread to facilities across the country.

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